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01 Nov, 2017

Here we select top Moderate treks in Indian Himalaya which will be suitable for them who are at Intermediate level or have at least 1 previous trekking experience in Himalaya.

Kuari Pass

Overview: Kuari Pass is situated in Garhwal Himalayas. Used extensively by the local shepherds, exploring this route is one of the richest manners to get a full view of the splendid Himalayas. Their imposing and scenic presence can be witnessed from atop Kuari, which literally means “a getaway”.

Originating in Joshimath, a meeting point for many a religious pilgrimage, the path gives you a brief stopover at Devaprayag, before it gradually ascends to take you to heights that end with a mesmerising view of the Nanda Devi summit in all its glory. Replete with tributaries of the Ganges, dense mountain forests, and a fleeting interaction with local life, Kuari Pass trekking can be best enjoyed during winter months.

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 6 Days

Altitude: 4700 Mt

Total trekking distance: 33 KM

Temperature Range: December to March day time 11C to 4C and night -2C to -8C. Wind chill, freezing climate with snow fall.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: December to March


Overview: Take a close look at the outlines of the mountains in the photograph above. You’ll see a profile of a man’s head on the left and towards the centre, his folded hands on his chest. Locals in India and Nepal call it the “sleeping Buddha”. When they stare at it, they are filled with divinity. As a trekker, you are looking at Kangchenjunga.

Further to the left (see below) are incredible views of Everest, Makalu and Lhotse. It is no wonder that the Sandakphu trek is the holy grail of Indian trekking. It does not matter how easy or difficult the Sandakphu trek is, the trek just has to be done.

Location: West Bengal

Duration of the Tour: 7 Days

Altitude: 3636 Mt

Total trekking distance: 44 KM

Temperature Range: 10 to -6 Degrees (Night)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: Round the Year except Monsoon

Har Ki Dun

Overview: One of the most famous treks in Garhwal Himalayas, Har Ki Dun trek is often used to introduce beginners to trekking. This trek that takes you to the lush valley of Har Ki Doon valley located at the base of Fateh Parvat at 3556m is the most visited trail for experiencing adventure in the Himalayas.

Blessed with nature’s delights, Har Ki Doon is nestled in between dense alpine forests and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountain peaks. This moderate trek takes you to one of the least explored regions of Garhwal Himalayas where civilization has not affected the lifestyles of the simple hill folk here. The forests decorating the area are rich in wild life and are a paradise for nature lovers as well as bird watchers.

Har ki Doon trek starts from Sankri at 1950m passing through verdant thickets, terraced fields, glaciers, fragrant orchids and sprawling meadows.

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 8 Days

Altitude: 3566 Mt

Total trekking distance: 77 KM

Temperature Range: 10 to 15 degrees in the morning and 2 to 5 degrees at night

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: Round the year except monsoon.

Gomukh Topoban

Overview: Resembling the mouth of a cow, the Gomukh Glacier is one of the main water sources of the holy Ganges. Around the glacier, one can also view the peaks of Gangotri Group - Shivling, Thalay Sagar, Meru, and Bhagirathi III. In addition to its mesmerising beauty and appeal, it is also an important pilgrimage site for the Hindus and a dip in its water is considered as a sacred ritual.

On the other hand, Tapovan is located at the foothills of the Shivling Peak and is considered as a challenging route for the trekkers. Reaching a height of around 14,640ft, it is often thronged by the sadhus.

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 6 Days

Altitude: 4400 Mt

Total trekking distance: 47 KM

Temperature Range: May to June: 11 – 23C, October to December: 3 – 19C.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: May to June, September to October


Overview: Himalayas lets you venture into a few treks in winter that are as adventurous and stunning like Brahmatal. The amount of snow at the trek teases every trekker to take up the challenge. Forests coupled with impressive views of the Himalayas is a treat to the shutterbugs.

Brahmatal reveals a heavenly facet in winter when the snow gently falls on it slopes. The frozen lake with the mighty Himalayan peaks overlooking it, creates a mesmerising ambience. The trekkers are awed by the views of summits over 7000 metres. Where else would we encounter such high peaks at such close proximity, we wonder!

Duration of the Tour: 6 Days

Altitude: 3733 Mt

Total trekking distance: 22 KM

Temperature Range: 15C to -5C

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: December to January

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