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01 Nov, 2017

Here we select top 5 Challenging treks in Indian Himalaya which will be suitable for High Altitude Trekkers or have at least 2 previous trekking experience in Himalaya.

Stok Kangri

Overview: The stunning Stok Kangri Peak displays multiple thrills along the way and towers at a height of 6,000 Mt or just below 20000 Ft. Located in the dreamy destination of Ladakh, the Stok Kangri Climb is ideal for both novice and experienced trekkers.

Though, the Stok Kangri trek does come along with some challenges, some of them being dealing with thin air on high altitudes. For this very reason, the first three days are reserved for acclimatisation. The route taken to the summit is among the shortest. Begin with an ascend from the charming Stok Village.

The experience entails crossing a glacier, climbing long stretches and manoeuvring and long and steep ridge leading to the peak. Feast your eyes on Ladakh range, Zanskar range, Indus valley and Leh City. Also during the Stok Kangri trekking, make way through Hemis National Park that is renowned for the endangered snow leopard.

Location: Leh

Duration of the Tour: 9 Days

Altitude: 6153 Mt

Total trekking distance: 40 KM

Temperature Range: Varies from -20 to 10 degrees.

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Best Season: June to September


Overview: A trek to Mystery Lake of Uttarakhand i.e. Roopkund Lake is a must-do for an avid trekker! Battling several adversities common to the Himalayas, this water body perched in the laps of the snow clad Mt. Trishul is situated at an altitude of 16,499ft.

Most attractive for the human skeletons lying at the bottom of the lake, which are distinctly visible when the snow melts, the lake is swarmed by plenitude of visitors.

The route along this trek is a fascinating journey of discovering the most pristine of Himalayan contribution of oak and blooming rhododendron forests. A trek trails through mountainous rivers, enthralling ridges, lush forests and scenic meadows.

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 8 Days

Altitude: 5,029 Mt

Total trekking distance: 44 KM

Temperature Range: May to June: 15 to 20 degrees (during daytime) and 7 to -2 (during night), Sept to Oct: 15 to 10 (during daytime) and night 5 to -5 degrees (during night)

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Best Season: May to June, September to October

Rupin Pass

Overview: With this winsome Rupin Pass trek experience, unravel the high altitude Rupin Pass and engage in the many thrills that come along the way. The Pass is perched at 4600m in the surreal Himalayan mountain range of Himachal Pradesh. Based on the intensity of the snow, this path might get challenging at times. Throughout, you will be greeted with stunning scenery such as cascades,verdant meadows, snow-kissed mountains, charming hamlets and big rivers.

Begin your Rupin Pass trekking by paying respects at the Pokhu Devta, an ancient place of worship. The delights of the tour include trekking amidst rhododendron woodlands, fields and ascending pictorial meadows. You will also have to brace yourself for climbing up snowy patches. As you make your way through some hamlets, get a fine whiff of their local culture and lives. Also, enjoy fabulous views of Kinner Kailash range along with the hamlets that dot the Sangla Valley.

Location: Uttrakhand & Himachal

Duration of the Tour: 8 Days

Altitude: 4,650 Mt

Total trekking distance: 61 KM

Temperature Range: Day: 15° to 20°C. Night: 4° to 7°C. Temp at highest camp, Rati Pheri: Day 5°C to 10°C. Night: 3° to -2°C.

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Best Season: Mid May to June end; Mid September to October end.

Dzongri Goeachala

Overview: Located in Sikkim, Goecha La trek is the dream and desire of the adventure lovers throughout the country! Nestled midst vibrant and colourful flora and fauna, it is also the way to the astounding Kanchenjunga National Park and its opulent beauty.

Originating from Yuksom, this trek passes through beautiful landscapes that are filled with exotic flowers and immensely attractive meadows and forests. The Rathong Chu River on the way adds more charm and appeal to the Goecha La trek. The pass is also an ideal spot to enjoy the best and most alluring views of the Mt Kanchenjunga.

Location: Sikkim

Duration of the Tour: 10 Days

Altitude: 4937 Mt

Total trekking distance: 90 km

Temperature Range: April – June: 15 to 22 Degrees (Days); -1 to 7 Degrees (Nights) September – Nov: 10 to 15 Degrees (Days); -5 to 5 Degrees (Nights)

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Best Season: April to May and September to November

Pin Parvati Pass

Overview: Discovered in the year 1884 as an alternate passage to the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most enthralling and challenging trekking trails in India. Taking the trekkers to a maximum altitude of 5,319m above the sea level, the Pin Parvati trek is usually undertaken during the months of July to September and requires excellent trekking skills and techniques.

A mixture of steep slopes, gradual climbs, barren mountains, snow-clad peaks and rugged passes, this 100km trek needs high trekking skills and can be completed in a course of 11 days. Also, as the Pin Parvati Pass trek takes you through some of the highest peaks, getting acclimatised to the environs also become a major requirement for successful completion of the trek.

Location: Himachal

Duration of the Tour: 11 Days

Altitude: 5300 Mt

Total trekking distance: 78 KM

Temperature Range: May to June: 15 to 20 degrees (during daytime) and 7 to -2 (during night), Sept to Oct: 15 to 10 (during daytime) and night 5 to -5 degrees (during night)

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Best Season: Mid June to Mid July, September to October

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