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01 Nov, 2017

Here we select top 5 Most Difficult Treks in Indian Himalaya which will be suitable for very Experienced Trekkers who have several previous trekking experiences in Himalaya.

Chadar Trek

Overview: Ladakh has always captivated visitors with its magical charm and beauty. Be it the picturesque mountain peaks, azure lakes or the challenging trekking trails, this scenic valley is known for all. While during the summers, the region adorns the most vibrant colour of the nature, during the winters it is embraced with heavy snowfalls that cuts off the entire region from the rest of the world.

Nestled deep within the whirly passages of the snow-clad mountains, this frozen river also entices thousands of trekkers from different corners of the world. Popularly known as the 'Chadar Trek' due to the formation of the thick blanket of the snow, it is considered as one of the challenging as well as tricky treks in the world.

When this happens, the only way to continue with the trek is to hike through the snowy rocks and boulders besides the river.

Location: Leh

Duration of the Tour: 9 Days

Altitude: 3390 Mt

Total trekking distance: 75 KM

Temperature Range: January to February- Day time -10C to -05C and morning/night -20C to -30C. Wind chill, freezing climate with snow fall.

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult

Best Season: Mid January to Mid February

Auden’s Col

Overview: Set at an altitude of 5,490 meters, Auden's Col is one of the high altitude mountain passes in the Garhwal Himalayas that connects the Rudragaira valley and Bhilangana valley. Forming a bridge between the north-west ridge of Gangotri-III and Jogin-I, it reaches an altitude of 5,390m. The trek to Auden's Col is one of the toughest treks in the Garhwal Himalayan region and hence it has been least explored by normal trekkers; a dream for all the ardent trekkers.

The trail passes through the thick alpine forests, meadows dotted with varied species of flowers, gushing streams and cuts through numerous villages. Even being a strenuous trail, the journey is treated with the majestic view of the hulking high peaks like the Rudragaira, Jogin, Bhagirathi and Kedar Dome.

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 16 Days

Altitude: 5490 Mt

Total trekking distance: 115 KM

Temperature Range: January to February- Day time -10C to -05C and morning/night -20C to -30C. Wind chill, freezing climate with snow fall.

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult

Best Season: June and September to October

Kalindi Khal

Overview: A challenging Kalindi khal trek nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, feel a rush of adrenaline in your blood as you scale right up to a Himalayan pass 6000m high. Not just that, this mesmeric place is a spiritual haven decorated by gorgeous mountains and the grandeur of nature.

Kalindikhal trekking expedition starts from Gangotri banked beside the Ganga waters. After seeking the Gangotri goddess’s blessing start off on your journey to Gaumukh, the birth point of the holy Ganges River. Get enchanted by the grasslands at Tapovan and mesmerized by several rivulets and peaks of Shivling, Bhagirathi and Meru.

From camping beside the Vasuki Tal, to breathtaking sceneries that include moraine, glaciers and majestic peaks, this tour has it all. After several briefing sessions on the safety measures to be taken on this trek, prepare to encounter the many splendours of nature.

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 15 Days

Altitude: 5946 Mt

Total trekking distance: 100 KM

Temperature Range: The temperature varies from 10-18 °C, -8 to 5°C, 8-15°C and -10 to 5°C

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult

Best Season: Mid June to August

Panpatia Col

Overview: Surrounded by legends and fables the Panpatia Glacier trek that takes you through Panpatia Col route requires endurance and will power to get through harsh yet beautiful nature. Located between the holy shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath, the region is rich with wondrous stories of ‘sadhus’ and sages who have lived here.

The journey kicks off from the holy Badrinath Shrine; a place where Shiva and Parvati are believed to have lived. Stay in charming campsites in alcoves, along lakesides and over flatands on the way and enjoy walking through a trail that is well planned and fun at the same time. Marvel the magnificent peaks of Chaukhamba and Nanda Devi to finally come to a landscape that is as white as snow can be! Wherever your eyes go you can see the vast snow fields that have inspired many a holy jouneys!

Location: Uttrakhand

Duration of the Tour: 15 Days

Altitude: 5260 Mt

Total trekking distance: 100 KM

Temperature Range: 10-12 Degrees (night), 24-25 degrees (daytime)

Lamkhaga Pass

Overview: The Lamkhaga Pass trek is a Mountain Trek in India that isn’t allowed to be taken by foreigners i.e. only Indian Nationals have the permission to undertake this trek. This restriction has been imposed because this track is rated as one of the most dangerous trails amongst the various mountain treks in India, since the trek’s landscape is quite tantalizing, covered with snow and a mysterious atmosphere.

The trek basically is conducted from Harsil to Sangla, which passes through the Lamkhaga Pass. The ascent of the trek starts from 9000 ft at Harsil and reaches its maximum at 17335 ft at the Lamkhaga Pass. The sights in the course of this trek include the Wilson Cottage and Sat Tal (7 Lakes) along with beautiful meadows, waterfalls and valleys.

Location: Uttrakhand & Himachal

Duration of the Tour: 7 Days

Altitude: 5284 Mt

Total trekking distance: 90 KM

Temperature Range: 10-12 Degrees (night), 24-25 degrees (daytime)

Difficulty Level: Most Difficult

Best Season: April-May & September-October

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